Terms & Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions are a legally binding contract which RYBB Fire Alarm, Inc. serves its customers. By using our Services, you’re agreeing to our Terms.


“Company” refers to RYBB Fire Alarm, Inc.

“Company’s Charges” means the charges relating with the Service and/or the sales of products alluded to in the Contract;

“Customer” means the individual named that has decided to obtaining our products and/or services;

“Products” refers to items found in our website or in our facilities or services provided by the Company to the Customer;

“Contract” means the agreement for the arrangement of the Products as well as Service pursuant with the request overleaf and some other reports to which these Terms relate. The request establishes an offer by the Customer to buy the Service as well as the Equipment as per these Terms and Conditions. The request will possibly be considered to be acknowledged when the Company issues composed acknowledgment of the request so, all in all and on which date the Contract will appear (the Commencement Date);


In the event of any conflict between these terms and conditions and any other terms and conditions, whether expressed or implied, incorporated or referred to in any communication from the Customer then these terms and conditions shall prevail and the Customers terms and conditions shall be excluded in whole for the Contract.


No amendment or variation of these terms and conditions or oral promise or commitment related to it shall be valid unless committed to in writing and signed by or on behalf of both parties.

Any quotation given by the Supplier shall not constitute an offer, and is only valid for a period of 15 days from its date of issue.



Any complaint that any components or materials have been delivered and are damaged, not of the correct quality, or do not comply with their description must be notified in writing by the Customer to the Supplier within seven days of delivery.



The Customer must ensure that the terms of any Order and any information it provides in any Specification(s) are complete and accurate.

The Supplier reserves the right to adjust its costs if information is mentioned not previously listed or provided by the customer.

The Supplier will have no obligation concerning any claims in regard of which the Customer has not agreed to the conditions of this agreement.



All orders shall be paid when order is being placed unless specified by a signed agreement.

The Supplier reserves the right to increase the price of the services, by giving notice to the Customer any time before delivery, to reflect any increase in the cost of the materials to the Supplier that is due to:

  • any factor beyond the control of the Supplier to include market forces;
  • any request by the Customer to change the delivery date(s) quantities design or specification already agreed by the parties and described in the Suppliers quotation;
  • any delay caused by any instructions from the Customer in respect of the services or failure of the Customer to give the Supplier adequate or accurate information or instructions in respect of the Goods.



When purchasing within the United States, we will be shipping products within the same business day if order is placed before 3:00 pm eastern time.We will be deliver to the shipping option selected by the customer at the time the order was placed.

When purchasing outside the United States, we require the customer to send original shipping label alongside the commercial invoice and cover the shipping cost.


  • We’ll only accept non-refurbished products within 30 days after delivery and refurbished products within 90 days.
  • Parts will only be accepted in original purchased conditions.
  • In case a product is defective, you can return it and we’ll cover the shipping expenses.
  • If you want to return a product because you bought it by mistake, changed your mind, or desist from doing the work, you assume the charges of the return shipping.
  • If we do not have a replacement part in our inventory, we will issue a refund upon return of the purchased item(s).
  • A 10% – 20% restocking fee may apply to returned item(s).


Replacement Boards, Power Supply, Annunciator, Dialer and Expansion Modules are eligible for our Core Return refund program. To qualify after you replace your panel, send us the damaged one and receive a refund back to your credit card or PayPal transaction like corresponded.



RYBB Fire Alarm, Inc. liability to the buyer in relation to any Warranty Claim made by the buyer is limited to the price paid for the purchase. In no case will RYBB Fire Alarm, Inc. liability exceed the amount paid by the purchaser.




Use of this website in all respects be governed by the laws of the state of Florida, U.S., regardless of the laws that might be applicable under principles of conflicts of law.

When obtaining our products or services, parties agree that the Florida Courts, shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all controversies arising under this agreement and agree that venue is proper in those courts.

Please note that disputes with RYBB Fire Alarm, Inc. contains an arbitration clause and class action waiver. By agreeing to the Terms, you agree to resolve all disputes through binding individual arbitration, which means that you waive any right to have those disputes decided by a judge or jury, and that you waive your right to participate in class actions, class arbitrations, or representative actions.



If after testing a panel that has been sent for repair has relatively nothing wrong, we will charge the same amount as if the panel was damaged.